Foot Zone Wellness

By Brooke

About Foot Zoning

Foot Zone Therapy is a holistic approach to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. It involves the application of pressure and use of other techniques on specific parts of the feet and ankles as a means of improving the function and balance of other parts of the body (e.g. tissue, organs, systems of the body, etc.) which are connected to the part of the foot or ankle being stimulated. Foot Zoning is a holistic approach which recognizes all of the body's cells and organs as a complex and interactive organism. 

About Me

Trained at the Academy of Foot Zone, Brooke Humpherys is a certified Foot Zone Practitioner and Instructor. A native of Southern California, Brooke recently moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota and she loves the area. She serves clients located in the Twin Cities Metro area and surrounding cities including Rochester, St. Cloud, and Stillwater.  She resides in Minnespolis, MN with her husband and two kids.